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Ocean Mind

Recorded Album Project by Lars Gödeke
Produced by Toriño/tuesdifferente
Co-produced by waterboutus
Mixing & Mastering by waterboutus
starring Selassie, Messiah, Tho, Konz, Maduh,
Osaka88, Point5ive, Claire, Georgette, Love Love & XPYRVMND 實驗部分的神

A tribute to our mother, earth mother, blue planet, rebirth, and a journey to purity and connection, consciousness and honoring life.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, deezer, YouTube, ... - exept amazon music

larsgoedeke copywhite.png

It’s all about the understanding.

Trust your intuition. Follow the sounds and shapes of nature.
Go back to purity. The unlearning guides you to your true self. Connect with vibrations of love. You are in Paradise. Allow yourself to enjoy this air. Enjoy the beauty in all it’s colors. From here on we create change with a biiiiiiiiiiig smile. You is me is you. The light intertwines like water. We are water already.  Ask science. The moon moves you. The tides breathe the rhythm of creation. The womb is your purity center. Embrace the love for Mama. We here!

The celebration of life is what we live 4 ever.
Protect and grow together. Create change with and through this ocean minded man from Ahrensburg, Germany. Your privilege is energy from the past with the opportunity to flow together, with the collective, in a greater future for the all. On this site you are able to take action. It’s a portal to light. A door to a  loved human being with the focus on the everything. The weighting of events and feelings generating the balance for a life giving species. With foresight and a wide view on a bloody blue planet - it is up to us to take responsibility for mama and our children. The past is now. Text me for cooperations, job requests in any field as written above.

With love and nature,


About Lars

Lars Gödeke is a slow fashion designer, art director, musician and environmentalist.
He works on sustainable concepts, visuals and designs in any field to make a difference. 
With his honest and authentic design he works on assignments for other brands and companies next to his own labels.
Lars aim is to work with and for nature.

2015 he graduated from fashion school. After fashion industry experience in New York City, 2016 he founded

a sustainable clothing atelier - Save The World w/ the Fountain Studio in Hamburg, Germany. 
With a focus on the first merchandise for mother earth, the label World Supporting Goods kept growing organically on a mindful way. 

2019 he began the sourcing for a new born second-hand label called SLOW 2020 with the plan to launch in 2024.
After that, Gödeke´s plan is to work on his ready-to-wear collections - the way he started his environmental activist-like designs

on full outfits with a high quality. Always with the focus on environmental issues for a more conscious consumption worldwide.
His nature of sharing his ideas in a conceptional and all encompassing scope leads to fruits all around him.

With honesty and pure intentions and a tendency to a colorful, abstract expression,

Lars creates change with his understanding for the all.

Shark Fin Delivery Tee
for World Supporting Goods & Sea Shepherd 

This Design makes aware of the urgent catastrophe of shark finning and generates donations
for the most powerful organization - Sea Shepherd.
More information on


WSG Bee Ad


The Tribute Hat
for Save The World, World Supporting Goods & Slow 2020


Lars Gödeke 2015
Pure Planet Project

"It's all over & no one is responsible"


Lars Gödeke 2015
Pure Planet Project
"It's all over & no one is responsible"


tututhemoon & Love Love
on your favorite streaming platform


Lars Gödeke grew up with drumming/percussion and never stopped freestyling on beats ever since. Most of his Songs are channeled and pure expressed into a microphone.
His expression comes in singing-melodies and rap.
Lars goes by two different artist names.
tututhemoon is the main one, with a foresight as he refers in the song "2 Sniper" on his debut album "Ocean Mind": 

His second alias is "Love Love" for the romantic and sexual side to have its own focus.
Soundwise there is not much of a difference between the two.

The lyrics come in English and German sometimes in a mix. When you listen to Lars's music,
you can tell his expression is free.

"Music to me is the pure moment, I love to make music and express myself with rhymes and melodies.
My Lyrics play a big role in my music. I really address a lot and speak out of pure feelings."

His debut album "Ocean Mind" released in November 2022.
As a  tribute to our mother, earth mother, blue planet, rebirth,
and a journey to purity and connection, consciousness and honoring life.

Stream on all platforms (except amazon music due to environmental concerns).

There is more to come this year from both Love Love and tututhemoon.


"Shooter from a different perspective 
See the whole picture burning 
Future told me how to protect it 
Please there is no returning 
You the one I selected 
Tell the people how to stay connected 
Responsible active 
Not just activist 
-more like reflected 
Be the moon the mirror 
Bright seeder 
Deliver wide receiver 
Odell Beckham 
End zone ego killer 
Never settle
The good will fulfiller
Become a healer 

Now believe me 
Keep the purity 
Keep the life 
Respect your mama
She’ll never leave ya

2 Sniper 
Dive deeper - Than Prada 
More bees - Than the Dollar 
World Peace 
And the knowledge."


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